As Spring 2017 is here our focus turns to RV season.  OK, our mind never really left RV season.  We struggled with the anticipation of getting the RV out of winter storage and setting up camp.

As you will recall in our post “Home Away From Home” we talked about the Delaware Water Gap / Pocono Mountain KOA.  For the 2017 summer season, we have a site starting April 1st and going to the end of November.  This will be our weekend getaway for most of the summer.

But first, we need to get the rig ready for the summer.  This means it is time for the annual state inspection along with the deferred maintenance items that need to be addressed before we head off for our summer adventures.  This includes new tires, work on the suspension and exhaust systems and repairs to a leak in the plumbing around the shower/bedroom area.  It is our hope to have everything done in time to head up to our Pocono site for Easter weekend.  That is the goal (fingers and toes crossed).

This year for the holidays we decided not to get traditional presents for each other.  As lifelong Deadheads, we decided to get tickets to see Dead and Company.  Having the RV means that we are able to travel and see them a number of times during this summers’ tour.  As we both work full time we had to chose which cities we could travel to once the tour schedule was announced.  Of course, we had to keep in mind the limited vacation time our jobs allow us each year.  We have tickets and campsite reservations to see Dead and Company six times over a ten-day span.

Our pugs are looking forward to going camping too.  We say, “You want to go camping?” and they get all excited and happy.  This past February we drove down meet up with friends who run a pug rescue in Memphis, TN.  The purpose of the trip was to catch with them and to a adopt a special needs pug.  She was found as a stray and was in rough shape.  Under feed and over breed.  We feel in love with her instantly and made her a member of the grumble.  Please welcome Sugaree to the Home d’Pug family.

Now that we have our summer plans in place is it time to start thinking about a fall adventure???