June is here and we are ready to be going on tour.  We are seeing six shows of the  Dead & Company 2017 tour.  The month started out with a couple of quiet weekends working on some minor projects and modifications.

Modifications and Improvements

We are slowly making small changes and modifications to our 1989 Tiffin Allegro and planning more.  A couple of the old dirty, rusty blinds were removed – not to be replaced.  Went to change the shower head only to discover we purchased the wrong type of replacement head.  As the shower is a small space we found a shower faucet with a smaller profile that will work with the shower head we already bought.

The kitchen and bathroom have wallpaper that we absolutely despise.  To give these areas a more modern look we are going to be installing tile.  In order to save weight and ease of installation, we will be using peel and stick tile sheets.  Measurements have been taken.  Now we just have to decide on colors and patterns.  This is going to be the fun part.  Will keep you updated on our progress (with pictures).

Additionally, we moved one of the bath towel racks from next to the toilet to a bedroom wall.  Now the towel is not hanging next to you as you sit to contemplate life and whatever else you are sitting there to do.

We are in no real hurry to get all of our planned modifications done.  Home d’Pug RV is for relaxation and adventure.  It is not our intention to spend all of our time working on the rig and not enjoying our surroundings and quiet time together.

Getting Ready

As we talked about previously, we are getting ready to “go on tour” with Dead & Company.  No, we will not be on stage with the band.  We will be going to 6 of 7 shows the last two weeks of this month.

We will be towing our 2001 Honda CR-V behind Home d’Pug RV.

Stay tuned for our first major road trip in our 1989 Tiffin Allegro (aka Home d’Pug RV).