It has been a long while since we added a new post to this site.  Honestly, it was too painful to even think about writing.  Here is the story.

The beginning of April of this year (2018) we moved our RV from our seasonal location in the Poconos to our RV mechanic just outside of Philadelphia for its annual inspection and some routine maintenance.  Somewhere between the Poconos and the mechanic we lost the reverse gear in the transmission.  Not a big deal during the transport as we did not have to back up at any point.  So we were shocked when the mechanic called to let us know that they could not back the rig into a parking spot on their lot prior to doing any work on it.

Additionally, we saw some signs of leakage in a couple of areas around the RV.  Considering the cost of the transmission, unwalled cost of repairing the leak and related damage, and who knows what else was lurking around the corner we decided to sell our beloved 1989 Tiffin Allegro for scrap.

What to do now???

We started to look at used RV’s in the area within our price range.  There was just not much out there.  So after much consideration, we decided to scape and save our pennies and purchase something in the spring of 2019.  YUP!  That would mean a whole year out of an RV.

As June rolled into July we all missed our weekends in the RV.  So we would look to see what was available.  We found a couple that looked interesting.  Took a three-hour drive to the Delaware shore only to find out the unit was sold earlier that day.  Looked at another unit in Delaware that same day and was in poor shape.

Rachel had foot surgery scheduled for the end of July so we figured the search would be put on hold until after she was mobile again.  However, the star must have been falling into line for us.  The Saturday before surgery, we looked a 1999 Fleetwood Southwind 35S.  It was being offered for sale by its current owner.  We were in love.  Sunday morning we exchanged a few emails and before long we had a deal.  Not only that, but the sellers were coming down to Philly (a four-hour drive) the following weekend and would bring the RV down for us.

Our Southwind will need some minor repairs and replacements.  These include tightening some screws, replacing a couple of cabinet door struts, and similar items.  We will also be looking into replacing the captains, co-pilot and lounge seats.  They are showing their age.  We are not planning on doing much with the decor other than to make it our home.  All of this will take some time, but we are in no hurry to get everything done at once.

Now that we are into the second week of August, the RV is mostly filled with our stuff and Rachel’s foot is doing well.  It is time to hit the road and make some new memories in Home d’Pug v2.

If you should happen to see us at a campground, stop on over and say hi and give the grumble some lovings.

Here is are some pictures.