As you may know, Rachel and I are the founders of Philly Pug & Short Nose Rescue.  PPSNR maintains an Angel program to help unadoptable dogs.  These dogs are unadoptable due to medical, age, or other issues that make them unadoptable to the general applicant.

A couple of months ago Maggie came into PPSNR.  She was breathing hard and sounded “funny” as-well-as having digestive troubles.  Her foster mom took her to the vet who told us that she needs to be seen by a surgeon immediately.  So she was rushed to VSEC in South Philadelphia evaluation.

It turns out that her stomach slid past her diaphragm.  Maggie went into surgery immediately.  She recovered nicely after surgery.  On a follow-up visit, the cause of her problems came to light.  Maggie suffers from a collapsing larynx (just like Casey Jones).  The Board of PPSNR made the decision to have her stay with the rescue in our Angel program.

Rachel and I decided to become Maggies Angel fosters.  So on August 1st, Maggie left her foster home and came to us and joined the grumble.  She is two years old, cute as a button, and gets along with the rest of the pugs in our home.

Maggie first visit to Home d’Pug RV

Maggie joined us on Tuesday night.  Rachel and my first thought were to stay home over the weekend and let her settle in.  Saturday, we ran some errands.  While we were out, having a bite to eat, we decided to go and spend Saturday and Sunday night at Home d’Pug RV.  This decision was mostly based on how well Maggie has been accepted by the rest of the grumble.  So off we went.

We got up to Home d’Pug RV just after the grumbles’ normal dinner hour.  We quickly unloaded the cars.  While Rachel started to get dinner ready, I took each for their pre-dinner walk.  As they finished their walk, they went into the rig to find their dinner bowl waiting for them.  After dinner, everyone went up to the sofa/bed for a PMN (post meal nap).

Sunday, Day of Rest (Sort of)

Sunday started, as most days with walks and breakfast for the grumble.  Then spent a good part of Sunday morning and early afternoon doing little projects around the rig.  This included installing a pull strap on the step access cover.  It was a pain to get open previously.  I installed two small eye-bolts on the underside of the panel.  Tied a short piece of rope to each eye bolt.  The rope is long enough to peek over the edge of the panel.  To keep the rope above the edge I put a couple of staples around the rope on the edge of the panel.  Must say, it works great.

A few weeks back we installed silver sun shades in two small windows about the captain chairs.  Well, the velcro tabs used to hold them in place were not strong enough.  So reinstalled with stronger velcro.  Hope it holds.  Keeping fingers crossed.

Otter Lake Campground

Otter Lake Camp Resort is in the same area of the Pocono mountains as our current campground.  While we are happy here at Delaware Water Gap/Pocono Mountains KOA, but always willing to look at a new campground.  Otter Lake is very nice.  Looks of activities on and off the large lake that border two sides of the campground.  Unfortunately, they only have very few 50 amp sites and a very restrictive dog policy.

Extended One More Day

Normally, I leave very early on Monday morning to go to work.  Rachel will pack up the kids and leave after the rush hour and head home.  I was not feeling too well Sunday night and there was a major rain storm headed to Eastern Pennsylvania, so we decided to stay one more day.

As we cannot enjoy the out doors on the rainy Monday, I took the time to update a couple of our websites and finish building a new website for Rachel.

That is it for now.