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A Couple of Quiet Weekends in the RV

June is here and we are ready to be going on tour.  We are seeing six shows of the  Dead & Company 2017 tour.  The month started out with a couple of quiet weekends working on some minor projects and modifications.

Modifications and Improvements

We are slowly making small changes and modifications to our 1989 Tiffin Allegro and planning more.  A couple of the old dirty, rusty blinds were removed – not to be replaced.  Went to change the shower head only to discover we purchased the wrong type of replacement head.  As the shower is a small space we found a shower faucet with a smaller profile that will work with the shower head we already bought.

The kitchen and bathroom have wallpaper that we absolutely despise.  To give these areas a more modern look we are going to be installing tile.  In order to save weight and ease of installation, we will be using peel and stick tile sheets.  Measurements have been taken.  Now we just have to decide on colors and patterns.  This is going to be the fun part.  Will keep you updated on our progress (with pictures).

Additionally, we moved one of the bath towel racks from next to the toilet to a bedroom wall.  Now the towel is not hanging next to you as you sit to contemplate life and whatever else you are sitting there to do.

We are in no real hurry to get all of our planned modifications done.  Home d’Pug RV is for relaxation and adventure.  It is not our intention to spend all of our time working on the rig and not enjoying our surroundings and quiet time together.

Getting Ready

As we talked about previously, we are getting ready to “go on tour” with Dead & Company.  No, we will not be on stage with the band.  We will be going to 6 of 7 shows the last two weeks of this month.

We will be towing our 2001 Honda CR-V behind Home d’Pug RV.

Stay tuned for our first major road trip in our 1989 Tiffin Allegro (aka Home d’Pug RV).

Rainy Day Pugs – 12, 10, 8, 5, and 4

This weekend it was rainy day pugs.

radar image of rainAnother weekend in the Poconos at Home d’Pug RV.  Another weekend of rain (mostly).  We had a Nor’Easter come through the Mid-Atlantic states Friday night into late Saturday night.  So what to do on a wet, dreary weekend.  Go to the winery of course.

Franklin Hills Vineyards

Our campsite is down the road a short way from Shawnee Mountain Ski Area.  Several weekends during the non-ski season they run weekend activities.  One weekend that we were at the Delaware Water Gap / Pocono Mountains KOA there was a food truck festival.  One of the vendors was the Franklin Hills Vineyards.  Rachel and I sampled a couple of wines and really liked a few.  A few weeks later we visited the vineyards and had a lovely time tasting a few more varieties of wine. 

So, on this rainy, chilly Saturday in May we get the pugs settled in and go for a drive to Bangor, PA and Franklin Hills Vineyards.  They had a couple of different varieties of wine available.  Naturally, we had to do a taste test.  We ended up buying a mixed case of wine.  No, not all the bottles are for us.  Two bottles are for friends we are seeing next weekend in Milwaukee.

Pugs, Rain, and Saturday Night

By the time we return to Home d’Pug RV it is dinner time for the pugs.  If you know nothing about pugs there are two things you will learn very quickly.  Pugs are stubborn creatures and most hate rain.  Taking Rosie, Ming, and Casey out in the rain is a no go from the start.  For them, we lay out pee pad (puppy training pads).  They have learned to use them when they need to.  As Rachel would say, “Ollie is a boy and does not know any better.”  Sugaree is blind, so we carry her in and out of the RV.  While she is not happy about the rain, she will go about her business.

Now that the kids are fed, walked (mostly) and napping, we had a bite to eat and opened a bottle, I mean two, no your right three bottles of wine by the end of the evening.  Did I mention that we like the wines from this vineyard???  With full glasses of wine in hand, we relax and watch a movie.

Sunday Morning

As has become our ritual, Sunday morning after breakfast is time to do some work around the RV.  Today’s project was trying to clean some of the dirtiest spots in the carpeting.  We brought with us our BISSELL Spotbot Pet Handsfree Spot and Stain Cleaner* (an item worth its weight in gold).  While the dirtiest spots did come out, it just highlighted how dirty the rest of the carpet really is.  We will spend a little move time and effort deep cleaning the carpet one area at a time.

New Construction at KOA

In an effort to increase rentals, Delaware Water Gap / Pocono Mountains KOA is adding a couple of new cabins on existing tent sites.  While the construction does not add to the natural beauty of the area.  Once they are done they will blend in as nice as possible.  

There is one problem with the construction that came front and center on Sunday.  It seems that the construction crews would tap into the closest power pole available.  Normally I would not object.  However, the seasonal sites are charged monthly for their electrical use.  What upsets both Rachel and I the most are two things.  First, we were not informed in advance, and second, we are getting charged for electric that we are not using.

Did not have a chance to talk with the manager before we left Sunday afternoon for home.  I did send her a detailed email and currently awaiting a reply.  Heard back from the manager on Tuesday afternoon.  She needs to discuss the details with the owner but assured us that we would not be charged for usage by others.  She does not think that the owner was aware that this has been going on most of the month.  We shall see.

Not visiting Home d’Pug RV next weekend

As mentioned earlier, we will be in Milwaukee next weekend.  We decided not to take the RV on this trip.

What is in Milwaukee?  Well, pugs and lots of them.  It’s time for the 13th Annual Pug Fest run by Pug Hugs Pug Rescue and benefits Pug Hugs rescue and the other rescues in attendance.  Our rescue, Philly Pug & Short Nose Rescue, will be in attendance for the third year and this is personally our fourth year in making the pilgrimage to Milwaukee the third weekend of May.  

Hope you have a great weekend.

Spring 2017

As Spring 2017 is here our focus turns to RV season.  OK, our mind never really left RV season.  We struggled with the anticipation of getting the RV out of winter storage and setting up camp.

As you will recall in our post “Home Away From Home” we talked about the Delaware Water Gap / Pocono Mountain KOA.  For the 2017 summer season, we have a site starting April 1st and going to the end of November.  This will be our weekend getaway for most of the summer.

But first, we need to get the rig ready for the summer.  This means it is time for the annual state inspection along with the deferred maintenance items that need to be addressed before we head off for our summer adventures.  This includes new tires, work on the suspension and exhaust systems and repairs to a leak in the plumbing around the shower/bedroom area.  It is our hope to have everything done in time to head up to our Pocono site for Easter weekend.  That is the goal (fingers and toes crossed).

This year for the holidays we decided not to get traditional presents for each other.  As lifelong Deadheads, we decided to get tickets to see Dead and Company.  Having the RV means that we are able to travel and see them a number of times during this summers’ tour.  As we both work full time we had to chose which cities we could travel to once the tour schedule was announced.  Of course, we had to keep in mind the limited vacation time our jobs allow us each year.  We have tickets and campsite reservations to see Dead and Company six times over a ten-day span.

Our pugs are looking forward to going camping too.  We say, “You want to go camping?” and they get all excited and happy.  This past February we drove down meet up with friends who run a pug rescue in Memphis, TN.  The purpose of the trip was to catch with them and to a adopt a special needs pug.  She was found as a stray and was in rough shape.  Under feed and over breed.  We feel in love with her instantly and made her a member of the grumble.  Please welcome Sugaree to the Home d’Pug family.

Now that we have our summer plans in place is it time to start thinking about a fall adventure???

1989 Tiffin Allegro


After two years of talking about “one day” we jumped in head first.

The weekend of July 4th, 2016 we purchased a 1989 Tiffin 31′ Allegro.  It has a lot of miles, needs some deferred maintenance done, and a little TLC to the decor to make it ours.

First stop is to the mechanic to get an oil change and new brakes.

Wish us luck on this new adventure with our pugs.

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